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Capital Gazette Murder Trial

This mini-series shines light on the trial following the 2018 mass shooting at the capital Gazette Newspaper newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland.

The defendant Jarrod Ramos pleaded guilty to the five murder but pleaded insanity. His lawyers asking the jury to find him “Not Criminally Responsible.”

Chris explains the impact of the testimony and evidences attending each day of court bringing his unique perspective to the trial. You hear from survivors of the shootings and family members of the victims who were murdered.

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Chris is consistently working hard to produce quality podcasts.


Chris is consistently working working to produce quality podcasts and video to help you understand the law. Check them out below.

His 4-part podcast Capital Gazette Murder Trial is a popular true crime podcast providing insight into what really happened leading up the the mass shootings at the Capital Gazette newsroom that killed five people in the deadliest attack on the First Amendment in U.S. history. Check out the episodes below.

And Chris is not stopping there.

His hard work and the positive feedback he’s receiving inspired him to launch his next audio and video projects under the banner, Chris Gordon News. It focuses on civil rights, civil wrongs and civil discussion. We’d love to hear what you think. It’s his primary focus putting his passion time and energy into it.